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Descendants of Patrick Hussey and Bridget Sheehan

First Generation

1. Patrick Hussey was born in Co. Kerry, Ireland in 1814. He died  Nov. 30, 1884 in Toronto, Ontario.  Patrick married Bridget Sheehan. Bridget was born 1810 in Co. Kerry, Ireland. She died 23 Nov 1884 in Toronto.

Patrick and Bridget came to Canada in 1847 (the worst year of the potato famine). Patrick was 33 years old, Bridget was 37.  They brought their four sons with them,  Michael John, Patrick, John (Jack), and Edward. Edward died on the voyage to Canada and was buried at sea. The family settled in Kingston Ontario. The city directory for Kingston in 1865 lists a Patrick Hussey, labourer, Rideau St. and in 1868, Patrick Hussey, woodman, Kingston Station.

Patrick next appears in the Toronto directory in 1872 as Patrick Hussey, labourer, 2 Baxters Row, Vananley, and again in the 1876 and 1878 directories as, labourer, 118 Little Richmond. He is not listed in the 1871 census for Ontario; he must have been missed. Patrick and Bridget died in Toronto within a week of each other. The death certificates state the place of birth as Ireland (no county or Townland indicated). Patrick's occupation is listed as an employee of the Grand Truck Railroad.

Their children:


+ 2 M i Michael John Hussey was born in Co. Kerry, Ireland in 1835 and died 22 Dec 1898.
3 M ii Pat Hussey was born in Co. Kerry, Ireland.
4 M iii Jack Hussey was born in Co. Kerry, Ireland.
5 M iv Edward Hussey was born in Co. Kerry, Ireland. He died 1847 and was buried in at sea, coming to Canada.

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